Snow storms are happening, it is winter time after all. (Yes really, already!) The temperature is plummeting, and heating bills are sky rocketing. Gas, oil, electric, and even buying wood for those wood stoves can get costly. You do not want to go into debt so you are wearing long johns, wool socks, flannels, sweats, and it is almost getting to the time to resort to mittens, scarves, and hats in the house. Stop! Don’t button one more button on that coat and halt that zipper on your ski suit.

Your house has a chill and you have the thermostat on a nice 70 degrees-, but why does it feel like arctic air is blowing in? Your doors have draft catchers- but oh no! This window and that window, and every window is leaking cold air. So you get priced out on new windows- yeah you had wanted to save money not have to get a loan for windows. And even that long term savings on your energy bill can’t convince you, plus then you’d have to change all your window dressings as the depth and size of your window will change. That’s two things, you only want to change one thing at a time.  The cost is just racking up sky high! So what do you do?

Get the best thing since sliced bread, and the new in thing that really works and isn’t just a fad- cellular shades.  These shades have an unique honey comb design that keeps the cold air out and the warmth in. The honey comb traps cold air and protects your pocket book as you aren’t adjusting the thermostat to compete with outside temperatures. (Summer time it will keep cold air  in and hot air out!)  With a variety of colors (plus styles and price points that can keep price down!) you can match any room, but with a sun reflecting white back (perfect again in summer!) the outside of your house won’t look like a patch work quilt.

Another plus is the pleated design that looks great and is so in, but as well has longevity in the style department.  You want to start 2014 off on the right foot, and with the cellular shades you are! You are starting off right financially, these will cost less than replacing windows. So instead of replacing two items, it is only the window treatment. And they will pay for themselves, but a whole lot sooner than your other option.  Aside from cutting heating and cooling costs, they do something that most windows can only dream of. They can help prevent floors and furniture fading by filtering light, some more than others. Some are even blackout, this can help you sleep even more soundly. They are already helping ease your mind from spending extra money. Whether it be early summer sunrises, siesta’s in the afternoon, or (really it’s March, take down) the LED Christmas lights (already), that are across the street.

So here’s to 2013. It was a good year. Though something tells me that 2014 will be even better! Saving money always makes things better!

By: Meghan