What screams summer like sun, beach and ocean?!! To decorate your home with soothing hues and seaside accessories will definitely get you in the summer spirit. The coastal/nautical design delicately brings together traditional and contemporary styles, creating an environment where everyday living evokes feelings of a tranquil seaside vacation. Now, who wouldn’t want that!

It often uses a combination of chic, natural, and minimalist elements to create a warm and inviting setting. Usually, a sea-inspired color scheme is used for this type of design. Keeping the colors in the light blue/green family can give you that light airy feeling we all love at the beach or at your summer beach home. Also, designing around a coastal theme can be affordable too! I know, I know, affordable is usually not something you can find in all those home décor magazines with celebrity styles. But here is how I was able to do it. By creating simple DIY projects using sand, shells, ropes, old paddles can really make a difference at an affordable price.

Usually I like to check out my local flea market or yard sale. That saying is most definitely true, “one wo-mans trash is another wo-mans treasure” that is for sure! You would be surprised what people are practically giving away. Just recently at a yard sale, I bought a set of paddles that were pretty beat up from being used quite frequently. To the owner, it was old beat up paddles, but to me it was coastal décor heaven. So what I did was take those beat up paddles, touched them up a little to keep that rustic, worn look. I added some hooks on the paddle side and hung them in my entrance to hang coats and such! My $15 purchase changed my entrance completely!

Some other fab finds would be buoys, anchors, captains wheel, rope netting, baskets and lanterns. All of these items can be transformed into coastal/nautical projects to really change the look and add to your theme.