Cleaning Tips

BTG Store 151
1. Shoe organizers for cleaning supplies

Does your cleaning supplies cupboard look a lot like mine– bottles and bags all jumbled up together? I can never find what I’m looking for. Using a hanging shoe organizer to store cleaning supplies is brilliant!!

2. Alphabetical Spices

The spice cupboard is another troubled area in my house. The solution? Cut off bottoms of empty cereal boxes, then label them using washi tape and organize your spices in alphabetical order. They’ll be a breeze to find and you’re going green as well.

3. Give the old sock dust

This one has been a game changer for me. I rarely dust, and I just do not have time to. But I do have time to swipe a dirty sock (not too dirty) along my dresser and night stand before I toss it in the clothes hamper. Sock dusting is amazing–try it!