By Karen E.

It only takes seconds for kids to get into something they aren’t supposed to.  In a normal day, there are a million things out of your control, which makes the things you can control even more important.

From the day your little one starts to crawl, it’s time to child proof the house.  The most common fixes that come to mind are covering the electrical sockets, and securing cabinets doors and drawers.  There are also the shelves to worry about them crawling on, and the sharp corners on end tables and coffee table to cover.  Another more obvious thing is putting up gates.  Not only do you want to block the top/bottom of the staircase, but most of the time you want to block off the bathroom and kitchens (areas more prone to accidents). Also, you want to make sure no cleaners or anything else containing chemicals are left around (some people leave cleaning supplies around for ease of use) that a child could get into.

A couple things that tend to get overlooked are things that might seem out of reach – but are surprisingly easy for kids to get at.  Often things that don’t seem accessible are easier reached when climbing from on top of furniture, from the crib, or even the bed.  One of the most important things to consider is furniture being secure.  For instance – a shelf above the crib may be free standing, but without being secured to the wall could easily come tumbling down if not somehow secured to the wall behind it.  Another thing that often gets overlooked (which is at the heart of our business) is window treatments. The majority of blinds/shades, and even curtains have some sort of string control to operate them.  The easiest fix is to get a cord cleat – which can be picked up from us or another hardware store.  A cord cleat is a clear piece of plastic designed to wrap the cords around, and are suggested to be mounted at the top of the window opening.

Overall, the most important thing is keeping the kids safe, so no fix will be as important as keeping an eye on them at all times!