Changing Your Apartment Décor

By Kim W.


Apartment living. You’re 23. You graduated college, just got a new job, moved out into your first apartment on your own, things are going great until it seems like you just suddenly wake up one morning and realize, where is all of my money?? Here are a few tips and tricks to spruce up your apartment to get that nice “homey” feel you’re striving for so desperately.

Adding window treatments to your windows can really do a lot to a room. It not only adds height to the room but it adds warmth and character as well. Go for something with a bit of a pattern or a pop of color in it too to add a little more depth to the room. Accent walls can also help add something extra to a room. An accent wall is when you paint or wallpaper only one wall in the room. Most rental units do not allow painting to be done, which is where removable wallpaper comes in real handy! This stuff is super easy to take down and can add a completely different look to any room!

Perhaps one of my favorite ways to spruce up a rental unit would be to get creative with storage. I know the apartments I lived in before I bought my house had little to no closet space. You can slip in storage with things like bar carts or kitchen rolling islands for the kitchen to hold kitchen cookware or utensils or ottomans with hidden compartments in your living room for extra storage. It is a great way to store those extra blankets or sweatshirts and other bulky items that take up a lot of closet space.

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