By: Nariah K.

Dubai Earl Grey Roller

Summer is here and what better way to cover up your windows with some shades that protect you and your home from those damaging heat waves. I know many of you may experience those hot summer days when the sun is beating in your window and no matter what you do, you can’t get it to stop. Let’s not forget, the sun is beautiful and it makes people happy but it can also come with a lot of damaging aspects that can make homeowners not so happy. In the spring, going into summer time, I receive a lot of customer complaints and concerns. The number one complaint would be that the sun is damaging their floors and furniture. A lot of customers enjoy the brightness of the sun but cant stand the damage it is capable of causing.

The main question that most might ask is “What can I get to prevent the sun from damaging my home but still enjoy the light from the sun?” We have just the shade that will solve all of your problems and we call it sunweave, also known as Japanese screens. This shade is especially made for people with this problem because it reduces the glare from the sun and also protects from harmful ultraviolet light (the kind that ruins your furniture and flooring!) We offer different weaves types, which affects the openness of the fabric (the degree to which someone can see through). We have openness percentages ranging from 3-10%. The 3% is for people who desire more privacy and 10% for people who desire less privacy. We offer the sunweave shade in roller shades as well as panel tracks for sliding doors. We have a wide variety of styles, colors and designs from plain to textured.

With summer rolling around, these would be a perfect fit for a sunroom or a patio door. I love that these shades will allow you to enjoy the sun while protecting your home at the same time. So if you are tired of the sun beating up your home and want to enjoy the sun, sun weaves are a perfect fit for you!