By: SherrySOLIDTONES_1202A


I had purchased my house not too long ago and I am very lucky to have a sunroom. I love how sunny and bright the room is. It is the room I usually try to sit in during the afternoon when I want to relax. Right away, I hung up paper shades because I have close neighbors and needed something so I wouldn’t be a fishbowl. But after a month, I was ready to purchase something permanent.

I needed something more permanent then the paper shades I had hanging. I looked into two things that look very similar to paper shades with the pleated look, discovering cellular shades and pleated shades. The cellular shades insulate and would help keep the room a little cooler, which is a plus for that sunny room. It was warm in there in May, so I could only imagine what the summer heat would be like in there. The other style, pleated shades, looked similar to cellular but it was only one-ply of material. Because of this, I could see the strings hanging inside the shade.   It also doesn’t offer an insulating value since there is no cell shape. Both options allowed me to have a top down option so I could maximize my light yet keep privacy at the bottom of the window (so my neighbors can’t see in). I decided that the cellular shades were going to benefit me more than the pleated shades would.

Now that my cellular shades are hanging, I am in love with them. They really help keep the room cooler by blocking the harsh glare while the cell design traps the heat coming through. I am also thrilled with the color because of the cloudy appearance when the light filters through. I would recommend the cellular style to anyone doing a sunroom.