As the summer begins, the heat comes with it.  Now the windows that you enjoyed being open for the view, are a source of sunlight pouring in, heating up your already sweltering home.  Most of the time the thermal curtains that customers had up during the winter have already been taken down and stored away, and they realize they need a solution to keep out the heat.  Although any window covering would really be a solution to keeping out the heat, the best one would be cellular shades.

While most people consider cellular shades as a great treatment for the winter when they are considering keeping out the draft and cold, it is actually just effective in the summer.  The way a cell shade is designed it has two layers of fabric that are attached together to form an air pocket.  The air pocket creates a barrier that keeps out the heat, but also keeps in the air conditioning (that you probably do not want going directly out the windows). The other advantage is that no matter what color you have facing the inside of the room they are white facing the street.  Most people think that this is just to give a consistent look to the front of your house (which doesn’t hurt) but it is designed this way to reflect the sunlight off of itself, in turn helping to cut down on the amount of direct light you are getting in your room.

Depending on the shade, they are rated for an R-value (an insulation value) but people that have them in their house claim that they lower/raise the temperature 8-10 degrees in the room. That’s a lot of air conditioning to save!

By: Karen E.