By: Dominic

I live in a three bedroom apartment in the city and have a large picture window in my living room. I had a thin fabric sheer over the window but no blinds. I didn’t really get any privacy from the curtain that hangs over the window which kind of annoyed me. Another problem is the draft that I’ve been feeling coming through the window. I never really noticed the draft until the temperature started dropping, and with winter fast approaching I decided that I needed to do something about it. I heard of cellular shades and how they are a great insulator for your windows and I decided to check them out and see if they would be a good fit for me.

I noticed that they had many different colors to choose from so it was easy to find one that would go well with my room. They had a few different cell sizes available to choose from and I was informed by a sales representative that the larger cells had better insulation. The shades also had an option where they could open from the top to let light in but still give you privacy which I thought was great for my living room. I thought that this would be an expensive job but the sales woman did a great job of making sure that I was getting what I needed and also staying within my budget.

I split the project into three separate shades because there are three separate windows in that one casing. I bought the shades with the large cells and that had the feature of dropping from the top down. They fit onto my windows which do not have much depth to them, plus they were extremely easy to install. I now have full privacy in my living room and I feel a lot more comfortable in there now. I also don’t feel the draft off that window, even when I’m sitting on my couch that I right below it. The curtains actually still fit on the over the window with the shades there as well. It feels great to buy a product that looks absolutely great and is also saving me money on my heat bill every month. I will probably end up putting the blackout cellulars in my bedroom as well. I recommend this product for anyone who wants to help in the green initiative and save on their energy costs!