~Cellular and Serenity Shades~
As spring comes rapidly to a close, what better way to welcome the heat and humidity than with cellular shades. They are the best known shade insulators and come in light filtering or blackout styles, as well as colors and options to help fit any budget.
With these different styles they odder different degrees of energy efficiency. Cellulars will help on those days you just want to hid from the humid New England summers and cool out with the air conditioning. With blackout, they will insulate more and make any room into a cool cave-like feel, great for binge watching movies. With all the color option out there it will satisfy any deco. With all the summer homes opening up, the bar harbor beige is a great neutral color to match with you beachy feel. Gentle cream is a lighter alternative that still adds a little pop to the decor. When in doubt white is always an option. You can’t go wrong with a nice crisp white. Regardless of the color you do choose you home will look nice and uniform from the
outside with the white backing on all the cellular shades. Serenity shades are a beautiful blend between a shade and a blind. These shades bring in the elegance of curtains, but when fully closed they offer the functionality of a blind. The sheer and neutral fabric comes in both light filtering and room darkening. Room darkening differs from the blackout because the of the slates in the middle of the shade do not allow for a tight close some light may come in the creases. This product is pricey compared to cellular because of the delicate fabric and various functions. With the summer sun beaming in the windows serenity shades give a way to let the light spill softly into your favorite room.