By: Gloria H.


When it comes to cellular shades one question that I get a lot from new and returning customers is how do you keep them clean?  Lots of times you may feel as if they are really hard to keep clean.  So I’m going to go over some helpful tips to keep your cellular shades looking brand new for years to come. 

The first thing I usually tell someone is do not wait until you can see the dust before you start to clean the shade.  Try to get into the habit of dusting them 2-3 times a month.  You can do this by using the extension hose that is connected to your vacuum cleaner and gently run it across the shade or with a hand duster. By doing this it will lift the surface dust off of the shade as well as some of the dust that may be trapped between the cells. Just keep in mind that for this area you may want to try using a hairdryer on a cool setting and placing it at the end of the cell.  This will blow out whatever is caught in the cells.  In addition if you do happen to get a stain on the material you can use a damp sponge with warm water and a mild soap to do a gentle spot clean, keeping in mind that you do not immerse the entire shade in water or use chemical cleaners.  As you can now see it really isn’t that hard to care for your cellular shades after all.