Cellular, Cellular, Cellular
 This is Probably just an opinion, but cellulars are the best! Cellular, honeycomb, accordion: whatever you want to call them, they are the best insulators. Regardless of the decor, cellular shades can offer it. You have the potion to customize each room and treat them with their own unique color, or design. You can mix and match between light filtering or blackout, and still from the outside of your home each and every room will look uniform. Cellulars have a white back no matter what. With cellulars you can choose the option between standard with a cord or you can do cordless. There is also a function called top down-bottom up. This allows you to lower the shade from the top, head rail, while still having your privacy from the bottom half of the window. This function is offered either with or without a cord. The larger the pleat the more insulating. The shade that Blinds To Go offers can come as wide as a 3/4 pleat. This helps regulate the light filtering material 5-9% where the
blackout 3/4 pleat regulate around 7-10%. It all depends on your windows, heating company, and location. People often get confused and think getting a double-cell is more insulation but it isn’t. a double cell is two rows of cells instead of just getting one row of cells. A double cell shade actually reverses the insulation factor. a two rows of cells add an extra air pocket, allowing the air to flow in both directions. The object of the cells is to trap the air. You just have to be careful with the material in the bathrooms or over the kitchen sink, due to the insulation, it can trap the moisture and it can potentially mold over time. other than that con. cellular shades are the greatest. the most versatile shade. the most color options and function options.