How to install blinds, shades and other window treatments.

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Sun Shades

By: Karen E.


When it comes to covering the windows in your sunroom, there are a lot of options.  One of the most popular is Sunweaves, also known as sunshades.  Customers are generally most familiar seeing them in restaurants or coffee shops, and never envisioned them in their home, but when you stop and consider it, they really are a great option. 

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Time For a Change

By: Gloria H.


Have you been walking by your slider doors all winter and acting as if it is not there?  You know that it’s time for a change but you keep thinking “I will get to it later.”  Now fast forward two months, spring is here and you still have not gotten to it.  Maybe you think it is going to be a hassle to measure or that it is going to be too difficult to replace or maybe you just do not know what to put up.  Well that is what I am here to help you with.  If you are worried about doing you own measuring then we have skilled professional who will handle the measuring and installation for you.  This way you have nothing to worry about.  The installer will even bring the blinds to your home this will save you a trip and you don’t have to think about picking up that vertical yourself.

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Ginger & Spice

By: Gloria

Its that time of the year, you’re planning your holiday gathering and want to finally get a window treatment for your slider you have been putting off. You don’t have much time  before your loved ones arrive, well good thing we offer a 48 hour delivery time!  Now all that’s left is to decide what to choose.   How about considering a fabric vertical which comes in warm versatile colors that will blend with your holiday decor for a  cohesive transition through out the year.  A warm and inviting Macrame spice has a natural feel ideal for a number of home styles.  If you have other windows in the same room, then you may want to consider the Sequoia Ginger which you can pair with a Redwood Ginger roller shade to transform the entire look.  The fabric for both are the same so its a consistent look.

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Fabric Roller Shades for the Great Room

by: Dominic


I was planning a family get together about a month ago for our grand parents anniversary party. In the process of cleaning up the house I realized that the old dust collectors also known as mini blinds in the great room needed to be replaced. My wife and I wanted to go with something that was somewhat formal looking and also grea
t quality. We decided that a product that would be easy to clean would best fit our needs as well. We only had a week to prepare before the big day came so we were running low on time. I knew that with the look I wanted to go with that my only option would be to order the shades custom. One company told me that I could place an order with them but the shades wouldn’t be ready for three weeks! Another company told me the same thing, they also had outrageous prices.
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Insulating Shades For A New Look And Temperature

SOLIDTONES_1202ABy: Brenna


Now that my children have moved out for good, I am left with an empty back bedroom. No furniture, no window treatments, nothing. I have big plans for finally creating my in home office with this new available space. Sadly, I have been avoiding the room since the kids moved out because the temperature in the room is often unbearable. The windows are old and the air comes through every seam. So in the winter it is freezing, and in the summer it is stifling. After looking into the cost of new windows and installation, I backed away from that idea.

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Custom Blinds Made Easy

By: Dominic

About a month ago I needed to shop for blinds for my new house. I had just finished building the house and it looked great. I had just about all the little projects that go along with building a new house wrapped up, but I still needed window treatments. I didn’t want to spend outrageous money on window treatments, but I wanted the place to look nice. I was not going to settle with cheap mini blinds in my newly constructed house. I wanted the place to look great, but affordability was a must.

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General Installation

Office Update

By: Karen

I work in a boring office. We come in everyday, do our job, and go home at the end of the day. There isn’t too much you can do to make data entry and phone calls more fun. But we’ve been thinking lately that what we can do is update the look of the place. We have boring beige walls, boring beige carpeting, and boring beige verticals. It’s not the ideal environment for high productivity. But of course, change takes time and money.

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Versatility of cellular shades

By: Dominic

Cellular shades make for a great product for a home owner/renter who is interested in doing a whole house with one type of product for their window treatments. When shopping for blinds many people can become overwhelmed with all the different styles of blinds and shades. Trying to pick different styles and colors for particular rooms can be time consuming and difficult. The versatility of cellular shades is perfect for this type of home owner.

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Verticals – tips and tricks?

By: Erica

Thought this would be a good topic to talk about since I’m not a big fan of vertical blinds, but understand they are more realistic for my sliding door and large picture windows. I’ve figured out a few solutions and quick fixes that made me realize my own patience is really the problem rather than the verticals themselves. I know I’m not the only one that thinks vinyl vanes are a waste of money because they always break at the top and fall off the track. When those pieces do break I am either trying to scotch tape them back on or flipping them and taking my office hole puncher and creating another hole so I can hang the damn things. So let’s start with resolving this problem first.

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Just Down Right Good ol’ Fashioned Customer Service

By: Kyle

What is customer service? Most people relate it to retail or service companies where a customer can shop and seek assistance or advice. In the showrooms, they don’t just believe in customer service, they believe in old-fashioned customer service. Now you ask, what is old-fashioned customer service? It’s not customer service that is old, but it’s definitely a better way of taking care of the customer.

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