Many people are put off by the thought of verticals for large windows and sliding doors. They are sometimes called old-fashioned and not cutting edge. I am here to tell you that verticals are here to stay! They just work! They are practical and cost-effective. They also provide fantastic light control and ease of use.

Vinyl verticals have come a long way! Many of them are easily mistaken for fabric because the textures and patterns continually evolve to reflect even the most modern of style motives. Vinyl verticals provide style and substance while being low maintenance and easy to clean. The versatility and durability of vinyl verticals make them appropriate for homes with pets and small kids. Verticals also work for large windows. They are available in very large sizes and can provide a seamless look. The fact that they slide instead of having to be lifted makes using them extremely easy.

The other thing that makes verticals attractive is the pricing! There is rarely a more cost-effective way to cover a large window. Verticals are a staple of the window covering industry! The valence options available for verticals provide the perfect finishing touch. The single majestic valence allows customers to choose a valence trim that complements the colors in the blinds and/or ties in the colors and textures of the room. Customers also have the option to choose a double majestic valence for a more dramatic effect. It is really the icing on the cake! Verticals have always been one of my favorite style of blinds due to their practically and versatility. They are the perfect combination of style and substance!

By: DeWayne