If you have a sunroom that you are getting ready for summer with, the new serenity product, Cascade, is definitely an option worth looking into. Cascade has  four different color options and all of them are light filtering/sheer. With cascade you have the control of when you want privacy vs. when you want to have a sheer light filter.

The Cascade is bright and modern looking with a touch of a natural feel to it, which will make any sun room bright and warm. The product is unique in its look and operation, and it operates on a child safety mechanism which is easy to use. The product, unfortunately, does not have options available with it other than the chain color and location. If you really like the look of the more classic serenity but think it is too expensive, than this is a perfect alternative for you.

I highly recommend Cascade as a product to consider when finishing off your sun room this year. In addition, it is available in very small and large sizes which makes it a great solution for every type of window, all the way from your standard double hung to a sliding door and everything in-between.

By: Dominic