By: Karen

I’m not going to lie, the idea of going to the mall or digging through the shelves at local big box retailers, definitely makes me cringe a little.  It seems that the Internet has made shopping so easy, there is no point in taking the trek to the store and searching for the product you need, I mean why not just Google it?  I can get 20 answers just by hitting search, and I don’t even need to change out of my pj’s.  Unfortunately, as I started doing my home redecorating it seemed that it would no longer be that easy, for a couple of reasons.

First of all, I wanted to paint a couple of rooms – of course, there are hundreds of sites with paint colors.  But, in order to see the difference between White Dove, Linen White, Decorator’s White, and Antique white – you either need a better monitor than I currently own, or a trip to the paint store.  And, after driving over to the paint store, it turned out none of those whites worked, and I needed to go with Simply White.  Lesson learned, choosing color on the internet is out.

Second, I needed to buy some bookshelves, which seemed simple enough to buy online. But, if I had thought choosing paint online was difficult, it was the same dilemma with trying to choose wood finishes.  I could not tell on some sites if the wood was stained, had painted grain, or was glossy or flat.  Some of them didn’t even say whether they were real wood or just veneer, so again I ventured into the store, where the varying levels of quality were much easier to see.

Finally, I came to needing blinds.  After going to five sites, I realized I could get wood blinds ranging from $20 to $200 a window – the problem was, in the picture the $20 blind looked the same as a $200 blind.  Again, after going to the store I realized the drastic differences – from the mechanisms being plastic vs metal, to the material feeling like wood vs paper, and even the ease of use of the product functioning open and closed.

Overall, it seems like while the Internet might solve my dislike for a trip to the mall or electronic store, home decorating shopping is definitely best done in person. And, it turned out to be a lot more fun than I expected!