By: Sai

What people do to windows on their business fronts, I have no idea! Usually business fronts have huge amounts of glass in the front and sides of their business.   Of course they do!  The purpose is to allow the consumer to view inside and see what’s going on.  This is ideal because if you are in a busy area like a mall or something like that it is free and easy advertising. So what’s out there for you to put on your business windows? I am here today to teach you on what options are ideal for your business, depending on the type of business that you have, and how they’re affected by the sun light, traffic, and how much you want customers to see in.

In a business you can do a couple of different styles depending on the look and feel you are going for and how you want the window treatment to function. The popular choices that usually go into many businesses are roller shades, verticals, or two inch blinds such as real/faux wood blinds or aluminum blinds.
Roller shades are very good because of the ease that they bring. They are very easy to clean because they are just one flat surface. Another helpful aspect to them is that they are very user friendly so anyone can raise them up or down without a problem. They pretty much come in any size. The most popular ones are the vinyl shades and the sun weaves. The vinyl because they cut down the light when needed and  great for privacy during the day and night.  The sun weave because you can still see through them, and they protect you store equipment, inventory, customers from intense sunlight.  These are ideal for locations such as: restaurant, gas stations, clothing stores, offices or any location in which you wish to cut down light and have easy maintenance.

Verticals are our old friends that never fails us. You see verticals everywhere when it comes to commercial locations. The ease of them is amazing. They come in really big sizes so there ideal for store fronts. They are low maintenance when they are vinyl, use soap and water to clean them, and call it a day.  They come in a lot of colors and texture so you can do white to keep a clean look or you can dress them up.   Verticals can be found in all businesses. They are commonly used in offices, and store fronts of any kind.

Two inch blinds are very common in businesses. They can open and close and you can raise them up and down. The fact that they are two inches make them easy to clean.  Just use a swifter duster and walk around and call it a day. They usually come in solid colors,  so they are never a focal point in your business they are just a helpful addition.  The fact that you can tilt them allows you to fully control the light and how much people can see at different points of the day. Ideal locations for two inch blinds to be used are restaurants, offices, or anywhere were there is a lot of  customers  that can actually use the blinds to their benefit.

This is just a list of ideal products to use for business store fronts.  The main thing to take note of when shopping for blinds is your location,  functionality, and maintenance.  You always want to look for something that is durable and customer friendly.  Remember once they go up they will never come down!