By: Nasim

Many factors in life can contribute to the necessity of a budget. Sometimes we find certain things are more valuable to spend more on than others. Sometimes depending on the lifespan of a product we will often increase or decrease that budget. Most of the time we will spend more to get what we really want, but for the most part it is easy to find something comparable to one’s needs that accommodates to their budget.

You have a budget! You need to keep the top view of your window open while the bottom is closed off, and a cellular with top down bottom up exceeds what you want to spend. Something that is comparable and can function the same way could be a faux wood blind. You can hand tilt the top couple slats to open the view while keeping the bottom slats shut.

You want the cordless room darkening option because you do not like the look of strings. However, a cordless cellular shade is above the price you are willing to spend on that particular room. A spring roller brilliance shade will darken the room whilst also being a cordless option. Another good option for room darkening is a presto vinyl venetian blind; although it isn’t cordless you can get a cord cleat mounted to the wall and wrap the cord around it to keep it from hanging down.

There are always options that can fill the needs you are looking for without exceeding your budget. It’s always a good idea to think out of the box when looking for alternative options for certain functions!