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Just like any other day, your taking time out of your busy morning to watch your favorite show, “The View”. During a commercial break you find yourself watching a Blinds to Go commercial. Of course you frown to yourself because you have been putting off buying window treatments for entirely too long. You work, have the kids to run around with and of course you just want to relax; but a day goes by, then a week goes by, which leads to months going by. Buying window treatments takes time and decisions. You need help and want to make sure you are getting a fair deal for what you need. Take this commercial as an omen; you need to get in your car and hit Blinds to Go!

The number one reason many people never stop in to buy window treatments is fear! The fear of not knowing the process, the fear of not knowing what is going to work for you, the fear of being embarrassed, or the fear of just asking for help. Well fear no more; we are going to quickly cover the basics of Blinds to Go. The first step is simply going to the showroom. If you have measurements, great, but if not, no worries. Our design consultants can estimate your sizes if needed so you can have a good idea of the price. Our showroom is split with blinds and shades and for doors we have panel tracks and verticals. To make it simple, we can take room by room and pick out some options that fit your need and budget. Once the selections are done, our design consultant will price you out. If you need to make adjustments, no biggie; if your happy with the price we can move on to small details like control positions. After the paperwork is done, we recommend customer’s to go home and double check your measurements. We have an installer that can come out if you prefer. Once we place the order, everything is in the showroom in two days. If you are using our installer, he will pick the merchandise up for you and bring it to your home.

See, not too shabby huh? And with our lifetime warranty on all the working mechanisms, even after you have your purchase installed, you can still rest assured. Any problems that occur with the mechanics, just take you bringing the blind/shade in and us sending it to our factory. In just two days you will have it back. Life is already filled with time consuming things and things that don’t make sense. Don’t waste your time with stores that specialize in a little of everything. Come to Blinds to Go, where we specialize only in blinds! Kick your fear and procrastination out the window!

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