The gray color palette has been a trending style for the last few years. Some years it’s more muted, others a little brighter, but this year the trend is adding in the bold color of charcoal. The initial reaction is to shy away from the darkness in home décor, as not to overwhelm a space, but there are actually a few great ways to tie it into any space.

  1. Using it as a tile color. Whether it be a backsplash in your kitchen or a unique bathroom floor; charcoal tile, or even slate, can add a pop of color while maintaining a clean, streamlined look. The trend with darker tiles is usually to go with a tile that is a little larger, so the darker color does not overwhelm a space.
  2. An accent paint color. Bring the paint color in on a door, or the top half of a wall. Use it to make the trim in a room stand out. Dress up dated picture frames with a coat of paint. It is usually best to use it as an accent, being that painting an entire wall or room can drastically shrink the feel of the space.
  3. Re-purpose old furniture. Paint an outdated dresser. Re-paint kitchen cabinets. Even repaint wooden chairs for a dining room table. It is amazing when a piece looks like its ready to head to the junk yard, that it can be revived with a simple coat of paint. It’s generally easy to do with some sand paper, primer, and a can of paint.
  4. Use soft treatments. Generally, the easiest way to dress up a room, or change décor, it works here once again. Swap out bedding, add throw pillows, use blankets. Invest in new drapery, or blinds that will make the look of your windows really stand out. These are always pieces that are easier to swap out if you get bored of them over time.
  5. Exterior revamp. While charcoal may be a bold color for a room on the interior of the home, using it to paint the outside of your house is sure to give it a sharp look, and really increase the curb appeal (especially if you are switching from a more muted tone).

Keep in mind, that while this year charcoal is in, last year it was a lighter shade. You never know what next year will bring, so always keep in mind to keep it simple, and make sure that you love whatever you are changing or adding to your home!!