Bring On the Winter Decor

Winter can sometimes seem like the hardest season to decorate for once the holiday season is over.  After the Christmas tree and lights come down, its difficult to imagine what else you could do for the remaining few months.  However, there are actually a lot of fun and fresh ways you can highlight the season throughout your home.

For instance, take a fun and classic activity of making snowflakes and turn it into a DIY decoration.  Instead of using paper, you could also use a stiff or starchy white fabric or material.  Cut the snowflakes out as usual (and if you’re feeling really bold, add a touch of silver glitter glue).  Be sure to make a variety of snowflakes, different patterns and a range of sizes.  Then, using a string and/or cord of your choice, tie them together at varying or equal heights.  Pick a nice but simple curtain rod out (maybe match the color of the string/cord) and attach the stringed snowflakes to the rod, and hang the rod above any window.  And poof, snowflake curtains.  Depending how you arrange them, they can even offer a bit of privacy, but most importantly they bring a touch of winter to any room.

If you’re not into DIY projects, you can also purchase small and simple items to bring in the season.  Placing white candles or miniature (real or faux) pine trees or cones instead of flowers on any mantel, shelf, table or counter adds a touch of winter to any room.  And of course, fleece throws in winter patterns and colors always does the trick!