By: Ashley H

When you own or rent a home, the typical window treatment purchased are blinds. They are easily found off the shelf at many retail stores. These types of blinds are great by themselves or underneath valances, curtains, or even sheers. All in all, blinds are great because they give you the ease of controlling the light and they are great layering pieces. But instead of adding additional items to soften your rooms, you can easily place shades in your windows that already have a soft and elegant touch.

Serenity or silhouette shades are a great products that add a soft elegant touch. They are designed to look like a blind and shade combined. They usually come in light, neutral colors that can be room darkening or light filtering. There are a few things to note. Serenity’s can only be raised when in the closed position and they are operated with a chain. These shades can range in price depending on your size. These are usually very expensive no matter where you purchase, but they are great for formal living and dining rooms.

If you want the luxury of serenity shades but would like a more economic option, the product to consider is cascade shades. They resemble a roller shade with a subtle silhouette look. Unlike serenity shades, you can have full visibility when opening and closing these shades. Both the cascade and serenity come with no valance. Roman shades are also a great option to soften a master bedroom or living room. They come in many patterns and colors. Romans can be pricey but they come complete with a valance, so there would be no need to add any valance, swag or panels.

Depending on your budget and taste any of these three shades would work well. If you seek full privacy, go the route of roman shades. But if you are looking for an elegant look with visibility, then the cascade or serenity would both be great options. These two are perfect also for people transitioning from blinds.