By: Ashley H.

vinyl vertical and 2 horizontal

The traditional place to eat in any house used to be the dining room, but with the dynamic of family and time changing with the pace of society, this is not the norm anymore. There are many people that use their kitchen or their breakfast nook area. The concept of a breakfast nook is very similar to an enclosed porch. This room usually sits off the kitchen area and has big open windows so that you can enjoy sunlight and an outside garden view. With spring upon us already, and summer right around the corner, this is the perfect time to spruce up your breakfast nook area and give it a floral makeover.

There are two great styles that would work in a breakfast nook area; Dover and Camelot. These two floral designs give a very earthy and vibrant feel to a room and they can be made into verticals and two-inch vinyl blinds. This will help, if you are someone that would like to keep the same look throughout the room. Dover is a very bold floral design that has a close-up floral pattern. It gives a very intimate look of a flower in full bloom. This pattern comes in many neutral tones: sand, taupe and white. These colors will help if you want a basic floral look to match simple dinette furniture. Camelot is another floral print that has a subtler look. This simple design will help if you want to add extra patterns to the room. They also come in neutral colors like tan, natural and silk. These would look great with hardwood floors and simple wall paint colors like white or eggshell.

Floral designs are always viewed as hard to put together in any room. But in reality this theme is the easiest to achieve. By putting bold floral patterns on your sliding glass door and windows, you have the easy task of putting simple sheers over the blinds and keeping your sliding door simple and classic. Breakfast nook areas are great because they already have the light filtering aspect and by adding floral designs, you will achieve a calm and serene outside garden presence.