By: Meghan

Cheers to you, cheers to all, cheers to everyone all around! We toast we cheer, kiss to a dear, pop champagne, watch the mirror ball drop! Hurrah, hurrah! 2014 is coming up quick and now is the time to prep. 2013 is so last year!

You have had that sparkly dress and high heels picked out for months, you have the menu prepped, and have hand selected the champagne, and other treats. But after Thanksgiving you are glad that your sister is hosting Christmas because not only are you worn out- but you are noticing your decor!

Time to bring in the New Years with a bang!

Your drapes are dusty, your de4cor looks fussy! There a stain- oh what a pain! Did you really think black and peach floral patterns would last? Oh dear, the stores are packed! Don’t fret though, you can update your house with only a few simple steps. And avoid crowds as most people looking to spruce up their homes wait until later on in January.

Just start with your windows- do not overwhelm yourself! Your carpet, and furniture can wait (or beat the crowds there as well, but that is really up to you, plus those are bigger ticket items!) Don’t underestimate what a new window treatment can do to your room.
Curtains can be such a pain, how long do you need? How many panels? Only private when closed? Wait- that panel is how much?!

You can get blinds or shades which are only a couple of steps for sizing- so that way no guess work! Ready?

1- Measure width (where you are mounting, inside or out)

2- Measure height (again where you are mounting)

3- Measure depth of windows if mounting inside.

Three steps! And do not doubt your measuring skills, most places that sell blinds or shades can demonstrate in store the best way to measure, or have an installer that is a low cost that can do it for you!

And there you go, you are on your way. You can get shades in amazing fabrics that can make your room look better than if you painted. And they look nice even when closes.

Blinds that can be tilted open or closed, hey you need privacy if that party starts to rage.

When picking patterns or colors go with long lasting, or classics. Items that can stay neutral over long periods of time.

Faux woods over real woods that hold up for a longer time.

So hip, hip, hurrah- you just picked out window treatments in a few easy steps! Now toast that bubbly or sparking cider- this is going to be a grand New Year!