By: Ashley Sclafani WV-cayman_sp-021_cmyk


Here are some of the most practical options, in my opinion, for sunroom blinds and shades:

Verticals: They are relatively inexpensive and they keep the whole floor to ceiling look of your windows when they are tilted open.

Woven Woods/Bamboo Shades: These can be raised up but while they are down, depending on how tightly they are woven, you can still see out. Many have optional light-filtering or room-darkening liners as well.

Sunweaves/Solar Shades: This type of shade is great if you just want to cut the glare and UV rays. It still allows you to see outside and they can be rolled all the way up and out of the way.

Shutters or Wood/Faux Wood Blinds: They have that natural look of the outdoors. Shutters in particular can be moved completely out of the way of the window.

Cellular Shades: These are fantastic insulators, the best you can get. They help with the heat in the summer and cold in the winter. And when they are pulled up, you can hardly see them.

The above are all great, practical options. However, one blind I would stay away from would be aluminum. These conduct heat, and in a room with mostly windows, I wouldn’t recommend that.