By: Sean


When I think of buying blinds on a budget, I think faux wood blinds are always a good option.  They are a great alternative to real wood and will maintain a woodsy ambiance throughout the home.  On average they cost about 20% less than real wood blinds, and you can choose from a variety of styles and colors as well.

If you want the most bang for your buck the Classic Replica style would be a good place to start.  This style has an embossed grain and comes in 4 colors; white, antique, golden oak, and espresso.  The only down side is it doesn’t come with any additional options.  It comes with a standard flat valance, square bottom bar, a cord tilter, and can be made at a maximum of 60″ wide.  If you have a wider window, or need more varieties in color, you can jump up to Wood Tones.  The Wood Tones line offers more colors and a variety of options such as:  a designer valance, a wand tilter, decorative fabric tape, or even a trapezoid shaped bottom bar which looks much nicer when hanging freely.  Another option for Wood Tones is called intimacy.  In this feature, the holes are drilled higher on the slats, thus creating a much darker environment which is ideal for bed rooms.

The next category of faux wood is called Ideal Wood.  The Ideal Wood has all the same options as the Wood Tones but it has a wood grain texture, and in my opinion, looks the nicest of all the faux woods.  The last faux wood category is Wood Vue.  The Wood Vue blinds come with the designer valance and trapezoid bottom bar.  They cost the most of all the faux woods mainly because they are made of a lighter material, hence making it easier to raise and lower the blind.  I typically only recommend the Wood Vue for larger windows or any scenario where the weight may be an issue.  In conclusion, if you’re on a budget and looking for wood blinds, go for faux!