By: Karen

I would have never thought there would be so much to think about when it came to picking out shades.  Really, the only reason I need them is because my kid’s rooms have east facing windows, and the sun is blaring into their rooms at 5am. And, if the kids are up at 5am, that means everyone else is up with them, like it or not.

Currently, in their rooms, there are plastic mini blinds.  To be honest, they came with the house, and with all of the other expenses of moving, and having 2 kids under the age of 4, the blinds have not been much of a priority.  But it’s been about a year, and the tedious task of hanging beach towels over their blinds before bedtime every night has really started to wear on me – especially the nights I forget, and am kindly reminded at 5am…

After looking online, and was confused about the differences I decided to head over to a store to see my options.  Being that things had settled down, I figured financially I was at a point where I could invest a little more, knowing that the shades would last for a long time. I was looking at roller shades and honeycomb shades – which it turns out come in sheer, private (but light filtering), room darkening, or blackout.  The sheer and light filtering were obviously not an option, but the room darkening and blackout seemed like possibilities.

Room darkening, it turns out, means just that, it darkens the room.  If you are a heavy sleeper, or do not have direct sunlight, this would be a good option. Generally they are darker colored fabrics that would otherwise be light filtering if a lighter color.  Blackout – in rollers means a vinyl layer of some sort, or in cellular shades – an aluminum lining. And in other words, sleep! I ended up going with the cellular shades, because once I hung them I knew I wouldn’t need curtains, and they are of course insulating, which never hurts.  They have made both my kids’ bedtime routine and morning wakeup a little smoother for everyone!