By: Gina GTokyo Cappucino

The color black is perhaps the most romantic color for a window treatment because it is dramatic, intimate, and a lighting happy medium. Whether it is a blind or shade, the color black is both a bold yet neutral statement for any decor.   Because most window frames tend to painted white or off-white, choosing black to put on your windows creates a strong and dramatic contrast.  I particularly enjoy the dramatic effect of a black wood blind.  Simply gorgeous!

However, black, as dramatic as it can be, is also one of the most neutral non-neutrals available.  While the jury is still out concerning if black matches everything, it certainly compliments and coordinates with a wide variety of colors.  Black is also a very intimate color (probably why it is more often used in bathrooms and bedrooms), which is an important  feature considering the time of year.  It makes even the most spacious room appear to be smaller, and therefore cozier.

Finally, the color black in fabric shades is the perfect middle ground between light filtering and room darkening.  While black fabric shades are technically still light filtering (primarily because of the fabrics used permitting light to come through), it is the darker color that tends to lessen the amount of light that comes into the room.  Black really does create a happy medium between light filtering and room darkening because while still light filtering, it filters in less light than its lighter colored counterparts.

Therefore, if you’re searching for a romantic color for a new window treatment this time of year, I would certainly recommend the color black!