Whatever decisions  you make with home decor, and home design, all decisions affect the environment.  From the initial foundation of a home, and how it is laid, to the paints you chose, to the woods you build with, all the way up to the shades you hang in the windows.  All of these decisions, whether it relates to how renewable the resources are, to the land you are harming/affecting, to the chemicals your products are giving off, all affect the environment.
That being said, when customers come into our store, often times there biggest concern is insulation. Of course, the more insulating, the less heating cost, which lowers the amount of oil/gas/electricity that is going to be used in the house.  Most people come in knowing that is a concern, but not really knowing if there is a solution.  Which there is, cellular shades.  Cellular shades are a horizontal shade made from polyester, that is made from two layers of fabric fused together to create the shape of a cell. They are commonly known also as honey comb shades, because looking at them from a side view the shade creates the look of a honeycomb.  Because of how they are made, the fabric creates an air pocket, which keeps the cool air, and the hot air out in the summer, and has an opposite affect in the winter.  They are actually tested, and rated with an R-value (they range from 3.2 – 4.3 depending on the style), and customers have told us they control the temperature in the room 7-10 degrees.
Cellular shades come in a huge variety of colors and styles.  They can be ordered as either a light filtering or room darkening/blackout option.  They come in various pleat sizes, and are available in a single (two layers of fabric) or double cell (three layers of fabric). Surprisingly, the single cell in a 3/4″ pleat is the most insulating, because it creates the biggest air pocket.  They also can be ordered with unique features like corded or cordless, a continuous loop, or top down bottom up (where the shade can be lowered from the top and raised from the bottom.
The best part is they are a finished treatment, and a modern look.  So you get the best of both worlds!!