By:   AnnaKay

We bought a house about a year ago that has a good size sunroom.  The sunroom is in the front of the house.  It gets really hot in the summer, and really drafty in the winter.  My husband and I like to spend time in the sun room,  mostly in the morning to drink our coffee and sometimes at night.  I’d heard about the cellular shades that are supposed to insulate by keeping the room warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.  So I started researching, because I only wanted to do this once and I wanted to make sure that I was getting the best product that would help me with this issue.

After doing my research I found that the cellular shades have bigger pleats or smaller pleat options.   I then wanted to know the advantages of doing one or the other.  So I did more research and found that the bigger pleat is more insulating than the smaller pleat.  This is because the bigger pleats can hold more air than the smaller pleats which is what actually makes the shades insulating.  I liked the smaller pleats look, but I wanted as much insulation as possible and still wanted light to come in.

So I had to decide which was more important, the smaller pleat look or the extra insulation I would get with the larger pleats.  I decided to go with the bigger pleats, the main reason being the insulation.  Also, the company I was buying the shades from didn’t charge more for the big pleats.  The shades are now installed and they look great!! It also makes a huge difference with the insulation! I’m very happy with my decision!!