Once you finish the boring task of spring cleaning , tackle a fun project! One thing that is always fun is a makeover , but instead of making over yourself , chose a room in your house that you would like to redo! One of the easiest rooms to change without too much investment is a bedroom. Of course, as in any project, you can spend as much or as little as you would like, but in a bedroom, a few small changes go a long way.

For starters , your bedding. Maybe you are just tired of your sheets, maybe you have had enough of the comforter as well , but this is a great place to start and set the tone for the room. Chose a color or pattern that you really like and would want to base the decor of the room around. It is usually easiest to start with the bedding and move from here. A few tips to keep in mind , how much pattern/color can the room handle , depending on the size of the room and the bed , you want to think of the impact the color you choose will have. You can go as bold as you want to brighten the place up, or as simple as you might like, and create more of a zen escape.

From there, tackle the window treatments. Depending on the projects budget, you can replace the blinds/shades in the room , might be time to invest in some blackout shades that will allow you to sleep in on the weekend. (Remember its always best to keep your hard window treatments neutral, and you can always decorate around them). If you are looking to keep the project a little less expensive, invest in some new curtains that match to the to the color or feel of the new bedding.

The next step would be to focus on accessories. Little trinkets can be used to make a big impact on the appearance of the room. Lamps can be put on the end tables. Jewelry boxes can bring in the accent color on your dresser. Candles can bring color to a dark area. Flowers are a great way to bring in a color (depending on the style of the room).

It is always a good time to take a look around and assess if there is anything old that needs to be discarded or donated , remember your trash might be someone else’s treasure! Just have fun with the project , whether it is your room or the guest room, make it a room that you want to spend time in!

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