Who doesn’t feel overwhelmed when their bedroom is super messy. The first thing I usually do is put a cap on and gloves, so I can start my organization process. The second thing I do is to turn on the radio and tune on to my favorite station and have a blast. If you’re like me you’ll have two left feet, so make sure you lock the door so no one walks in on you. In terms of cleaning, the first thing I usually tackle is my bed. Most of us spend half of our life on a mattress, so to disinfect it,  mix vinegar with  a little rubbing alcohol, and some tea tree oil in a spray bottle. Lightly spritz on your mattress.  This will help combat dust mites, mildew, and general odors. Replacing old pillows cases with new ones will make you feel like you already halfway done.

Now if you are lucky enough  to have a closet with clothes and shoes spilling out of them, I would go through them and  and either have a yard sale or go to your local goodwill to donate some (my rule is to get rid of anything you haven’t worn in a year). If you do not have  a large closet like me, purchase some  book shelf online and organize any folded shirts and pants. Leaving my clothes in the open shelves prevents me from making a mess, because it is right where I can see it.

I do not know about you but having top notch window dressing is as important as having a great mattress. Because I live in New England during the winter I always have cold drafts in my room. That is why I have invested on some Prestige Cellular shades from Blinds To Go that add an added layer of insulation to my windows. With the lifetime warranty on the way my shades,  I know I have one less thing I have to worry about.

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