By: Carrie


When it gets too hot or sunny, I break out in hives. No one has been able to figure out why, it’s just a fact of life for me. Accordingly, I try to stay indoors in the spring and summer. However, last year we decided to completely renovate our living room in the middle of summer. The only available space to move the television, chairs, and computer? Why, the¬†sunroom, of course!

A sweltering glass room… Even with the air conditioning on and fans at full blast, I was an itchy, sweaty mess. It was shaping up to be the worst summer of my life. Finally, I’d had enough. This was MY house and I had a right to relax in it without breaking out in hives. It was time to get window coverings.

Friends of mine had been suggestingbecause they would cut a lot of the heat and glare. Sorry, not good enough. I didn’t want to cut rays, I wanted to eliminate them. I was on the verge of boarding the stupid, expensive windows up.

But then I saw it…the answer to my prayers, the shade of my dreams. I swear, there was a lone spotlight shining on it with angelic choirs singing in the background. I had found the blackout cellular shades.

Light? What light? No light gets past these babies! Heat? Forget about it! The specially designed honeycombs keep all of the precious cool air from escaping – and the boiling sun from getting in! These shades were such a perfect solution that, when the living room was finished, I didn’t want to move back. We left the computer and television in the sunroom and got a replacement for the main room. Now when I want some “me” time, I leave the family to their own devices, lower my beloved shades, pop some popcorn, and enjoy a movie in the glass room that used to be a torture chamber and is now my sanctuary.