Who doesn’t want to come home from a long day and feel like they have stepped into a relaxing beach home , I know I certainly do. When making this style your own , just make sure to keep in mind the idea of less is more. Even if you are inclined to grab all the beach themed decor from your local home good store, remember, simple with accents is always the way to go.

For starters, the color palette on the walls extremely important. You want to be sure to stick to muted, tranquil colors, that are reminiscent of the beach. While your instinct may be to go with a deep blue color that reminds you of the ocean water, stick to a lighter version of the same color. Use beiges and browns that remind you of the colors of sand. Light greens that are like sea glass you may find in the sand. The colors you chose to use throughout the room will set the tone for the rest of the decor, and the overall feel for the room. Make sure to keep any trim or wood painted white to maintain the bright, airy feeling you find in nature as well.

Continue using that soft color palette within the furniture. Whatever the room, chose colors that accent the walls you have painted. If you went with a blue or green on the walls, keep the furniture within the tan and white family. If you went more neutral on the walls, bring in some of those blues and greens with the furniture. You can also use accent fabrics to bring out a little more of the color , think throw pillows and blankets in the living room, bedding or curtains in the bedroom.

The fun part (in my opinion) is then adding the decorative pieces to this beautiful palette you have created. Getting pieces with starfish, shells, or sand dollars will instantly bring the room together. Depending on the space you may need pictures to dress up the walls, accent lamps to add to the space, or just knick-knacks to place around the room to add some character.

Once you have tied all three of these elements together, you should have created your own personal retreat. Keeping in mind, less is more, will inspire you to want to spend even more time in the space relaxing!