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My living room is full of different windows with no coverings on them.   So, I rummaged through my toolbox and grab the tape measure. With a pencil, paper, and tape measure in hand, I was ready to jot down some measurements. The first few windows only took a few minutes to measure accurately, and I only had a few more to go. I felt like Bob Vila had nothing on me! Maybe a home renovation TV show was in my future!   I walk up to the bay window at the front of my house in the living room and realized I had no depth to the window frames. I was going to have to mount the blinds on the outside on the window frames for it to work. I measured the outside window frames and confidently headed  to the hardware store to pick up some blinds.

I returned home with the newly purchased blinds and threw on my tool belt with some screw drivers, a hammer, and a pencil in the ear. I put up the brackets for the blinds and installed them into my windows. Still with the vision of being on Home and Garden TV one day, I got to the bay window and started putting up the brackets. Just when everything was going perfect, all my dreams came crashing down. Why were my blinds not fitting onto the bay window? Why were the blinds overlapping? Maybe some force would make it work? Nothing was working! I measured the blinds to make sure they were the same size as my measurements and they were.

I headed back to the hardware store to get some feedback from the people who sold me the blinds. I was informed that I had to take into account the depth of the head rails and the angles of the windows. Now if only I had kept my 6th grade math homework on angles, I wouldn’t be in the position. So after spending $200 on those bay window blinds, they were no good to me. A contractor was recommended to me by the hardware store. He would come out to my house and accurately and correctly measure my bay window so I could get the right blinds for them.

The moral of this story is don’t believe that you are Bob Vila; its only a pipedream! If I can recommend one thing or can get you to take away one thing from this is that when you are spending hard earned money on blinds, make sure it is done right and done by a professional!

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