I just moved into a new apartment last week. It’s huge, spacious, and has a nice open floor plan. Right in the front of the house, there is a huge bay window , two small angled windows, and one large pane in the middle. It’s great, except I feel like my life is a show for all of the neighbors to watch every night, because they can clearly see everything we do.

My mom told me to get a vertical blind or drapery to go across the whole front of the bay , but that seems like an awful idea. Not that it’s an unusual idea, I’ve seen both treatments in friend’s houses’, but they seem to take up a lot of space in the room, and always make the room look smaller. And aside from that, I really like the architectural element the bay window adds to the room, and if I put one big vertical, I’m blocking off the entire thing!

But , this still leaves the problem of no privacy. So, I turned to the Internet for help, and I found images of bays with each panel treated separately , this seemed like such an obvious solution! People have pictures with roller shades, wood blinds, and cellular shades individually covering each window.

Being that I was decorating the rest of the room with more of a contemporary feel , I decided the cellular shades were the best option for me. It turned out the worked out well in my instance too because you only needed a small amount of wood to mount them too, and my windows were really shallow. Also, with the angles of the bay, the headrails were compact enough not to get into the way of each other.

Now I have the openness of the bay , my plants like the light too , and the contemporary feeling that I had hoped to get in the room. I think my friends might be redecorating now that they’ve seen my bay!

By: Stef