The one room in your house where you need privacy the most, often is the one room in the house where you have no idea what to cover your windows with! Bathrooms pose a lot of problems, number one being moisture, either in the air or directly hitting your windows, not to mention the many sprays and scents that tend to be used in your bathroom. Keeping these key ideas in mind, the most important qualities of the treatments are durability and moisture resistant.

Of course, being that every bathroom is different, you need to take into account what the biggest issue is in your own room. Is it the moisture – or do you have really good ventilation? Is it cleaning – or is this a bathroom that is mainly used for guests and will not see as much use? Where is your window located – is it in the shower, or within reaching distance for water to hit it, or is it just going to pick up on moisture that is in the air?

The most common option is to go with something that is vinyl. Not only is it the most durable, but it is easy to clean – you can wipe it down, and wash it off. Vinyl options include a traditional roller shade, that can be lowered when you are in the bathroom, and raised when you leave the room. You would also have the option of a vinyl mini-blind, your least expensive option, but can still be wiped clean. The most durable of the options is a faux wood blind – more or less an upgraded look to a vinyl mini blind – is a vinyl version of your traditional wood blinds – which can be easily cleaned and is extremely durable.

The disadvantage some people find to the vinyl options is you are not introducing much of a decorative element into the room. Although a faux wood is a finished look, that comes in a variety of colors, some people are looking for softer fabrics, that may introduce color or pattern into the room. When you are shopping for fabrics, just keep in mind that the majority of blinds can not be washed. If you are looking for fabrics search for a fabric that may have been treated with a stain repellent that may hold up slightly longer over time.

Keep in mind, that a bathroom is generally a smaller room in the home, it’s always nice to keep it simple!