Bathroom Trends of 2016

One of the easiest rooms to update and fix up is the bathroom.  Not only is it often the smallest space to redecorate – but it is usually simple, so one small update can go a long way.

To get on trend, update your hardware.  An easy fix, as most knobs and handles are removed with screws and a screwdriver.  Getting rid of a shiny silver or gold handle can instantly update an outdated space.  The newest trend in accessories is oil rubbed bronze, or brush nickel, which give a high end look compared to previously popular and shinier accessories.

Another great trend to update is your light fixtures. While not as simple as a switch as the hardware, most light fixtures can easily be changed out to update the look of the room.  The newest style is going bold with the light fixture, whether is be bold in color or style, make sure that it pops.  Hand blown glass globes are becoming more popular, and allow you to bring in some different colors without overpowering the room.  A lot of metal fixtures are also being used that are in the bronze and nickel families.

Pops of color which are gaining popularity throughout all home decor is an easy fix in a bathroom.  You can change out towels, rugs, or shower curtains, and make a huge impact. Bring in the color through plants and flowers as well that always pair well in a bathroom setting. Magenta’s, teals, and bold shades of greens are all popular among bathroom decor.

If you want to invest a little more into your bathroom, one of the newest trends is installing permanent, wireless, blue tooth speakers in your shower.  Just in case you get bored in the shower, you have built in entertainment!