By: Aishaballet_beige_018

My husband and I finished remodeling our sunroom about a week ago. It has three windows which face the street and two that face the side of the house. During the day the sun pours through the room at such an intensity that it has begun to ruin all of our furniture. Our furniture is also made from black leather so it attracts the heat even more. It gets so hot, that we cant even sit down on our couches without almost melting to it and forget about trying to get up from them. It’s like being super glued down. The carpet is also beginning to fade. So our main concern for the room is to cover our windows as quick as possible.

About two days ago after doing vigorous research, I found what I was looking for. A shade that would match our decor style as well as our functional needs. We invested in a fabric roller shade.  The style is called Ballet and the color we chose was Char brown. To accent the top of the roll we invested in a fabric cassette valence piece that gives the shade a more finished look. And because they are very wide windows we decided to go for the side winder model that comes with a chain attached to the right side for easy maneuverability.

They looks wonderful and function well. During the day, when it’s hot, we just pull them down and they filter light through and give us the privacy we need. At the same time the beautiful floral pattern adds a feminine touch to the room. Giving it a nice cozy feeling to all that enjoy the space. To finish off the look, we also added a decorative gimp to the bottom of each shade. This completely compliments the room.