By: Karen

It seems like when it came time to buy a house everything was happening at the same time. Not only the obvious, needing to pack up our entire life, decorate a new house, and move our entire lives a state away, but the less obvious – that we were starting a family at the same time, moving away from our support system we were used to, and starting new jobs. How is a normal person supposed to balance all of this??

We tackled the easy part, packing up, and moving our lives, but the decorating was really not top on my priority list. While I was extremely excited about our new home, and the new opportunities, I was slightly overwhelmed, and exhausted, and at the same time pretty nervous I was going to make some bad decorating moves if I just tried to ‘get it over with.’ After a few reassuring conversations with family (who I love dearly, but did not want decorating my house), I decided that keeping it simple was the best choice.

Luckily, we had brought a lot of furniture with us from our old house, and really had enough “stuff” to live comfortably. Of course it might not have looked as nice, but as we had more time, we would start tackling projects one at a time. Unfortunately, the house did not come with any window treatments, and none of the ones from our old house fit into our new windows. My mom suggested curtains, which I graciously refused, so I decided to go to a local Blinds To Go and research my options.

Once I got there, I realized there are services where someone can come out to my house, measure and install and all I needed to was chose the product. Luckily, there were some helpful people working who walked me through my choices, and helped me to understand that at this point it would probably be easiest to stay neutral – I could always decorate later – and get functional instead. I went with cellular shades because I had mentioned the windows seemed drafty. Light filtering and room darkening depending on the room, and all in a soft off white color. The whole process was done, and I had shades within a week. It couldn’t have been easier!!