During these cold New England months, you truly learn how insulating your windows are, or lack there of. It’s one thing to crank the air conditioner in the summer and still not notice how much of that air is escaping out your windows. But when it is below zero and the draft is pouring in, you feel it. At Blinds To Go we like to give that added insulation, because any bit will help. Our cellular shades are the best insulators. If you like having the option of tilting we carry faux wood blinds as well. Faux wood is not as insulation as a cellulars but with the think two inch PVC slates, it does provide a little extra insulation. A big difference between the two is that cellulars are a shade, so it only goes up or down. The faux woods are considered a blind so it can tilt open and shut as well as go up and down. Therefor you can maintain your privacy and still keeping the insulation factor. Cellulars can offer a top-down-bottom-up feature. That way you can still keep you privacy but let some natural light in from the top. Even though every style is not insulating there are many different things you can try to get more out of your windows. Growing up my mother used to saran wrap our windows to stop the draft. With the saran wrap there was no limit to the style options because it eliminates the draft all together.