By: Meghan

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire, Jack Frost- brr! Something is nipping at your nose, your toes, and it’s only November! It shouldn’t be that cold, and oh the heating cost! Time to do something about those windows where the chill is coming in. You could crank up the heat, oh wait- you want to buy presents this year- and not everyone has a fireplace. Even if you do you are already cleaning- soot isn’t a good look. Maybe wrap the windows in plastic? Make everyone where parkas, and mittens? Though plastic takes away from your decor, and eating cranberry sauce and pie in parkas? Eating cookies in mittens?

I have a solution for you! Cellular shades that are energy efficient. Keeping the warm in and cold out, reverse that in the summer (the gift that keeps on giving!). Don’t think that being energy efficient means drab and ugly. You can do a beautiful winter white, buttery colors that match world famous mashed tators, toasty beige’s like marshmallows on sweet potato souffles. Or try red like poinsettias, green like holiday ivy. Blue like those special ornaments. Colors of Autumn skies and cups of cocoa. Spectacular colors that dress up those holiday rooms while keeping you warm and toasty.

Go with whatever color that fits your room, those special decorations. And no fear that collage of colors from room to room as outside will look uniform as they have white backs. Many are as well light filtering, so you can still enjoy natural light during the day, while getting privacy so tender moments are only shared with loved ones.

This doesn’t sound like the product for you? Have no fear. Go with a natural product such as real wood. These as well provide amazing insulation that vinyl can’t. These can match your fine furniture as the rich colors of wood are just what you may need! From oak to cherry to mahogany. You can add fabric tape in place of cords in Harvest oranges and golds. snowflake whites, or Christmas reds and greens. match those dining room chairs of velvety burgundy that you bought thinking of the holidays you’d host, with those you love filling those seats. beautiful and sure to keep your room warm. These can be tilted open to catch all those extra rays of sun.

Want a touch of the tropics this season? But taking the whole family to Hawaii isn’t cheap. Think bamboo, super enviro-friendly, as well as natural to keep the warmth in. Think they won’t work for the holidays? Think again! They are warm colors, like sunsets and dry corn husks that are used for decorations in fall. Rich browns that will go with dining room tables, whites to match lace table cloths. Edge them in reds and greens to bring in even more holiday cheer. The look of them will brighten your season, and make even the dreariest days happier. Snow may be on the ground, Nat King Cole on the radio,and turkeys and the fixings roasting, but you have the taste of St. Tropes, Tahiti in your room, and it isn’t taking away from your fall leaf center piece or Kris Kringle figurines. It looks simply amazing with them and is making you ‘C’mon get happy”. Because being happy is what this time of year is about. And being warm, saving money, and having elegant decor is what is making you even happier and brighter when spending time with those that make you the happiest. Baby it’s cold outside, but toasty inside.