By: DominicRL-miami_esp-019_cmyk
I have a summer home that sits on beach front property where I spend most of my time in the summer. The house has a sun room that actually has the beach right next to it. I can see the ocean from the room and I was not planning on loosing that view but I really needed something to break up the sun in the afternoon. The room has four double windows and I had wanted to put something natural with a beach feel to it on them.
I went to a showroom so that I could get this process underway and I was introduced to a nice selection on bamboo shades. There were a few that had the look I was going for but I had decided that the one called “Ibiza” was perfect for me. The bamboo shades could be set up with either flat or folded panels and I chose the more traditional flat bamboo look. They also had options for liners that you can add onto the back to offer privacy or total blackout but I decided to keep mine open without a liner because I like the light. My beach in the back is also a private beach so I don’t need the privacy, and in addition I really love the view of the water through the bamboo. I did however add a fabric edge binding to the side of the shade in order to help protect the blind against fading. I was hoping that the bamboo would be available with a cordless option as well but unfortunately that was not the case.
The blinds have been up for a month or so and they look amazing. They give the room the finishing touch that any beach front sun room should have. They block just enough of the light while still keeping the room bright and letting me get that view of the ocean. I look forward to doing my living room next.