By: Karen E.


Now that spring is here, a lot of people have been sprucing up the inside of their homes.  And, as any homeowner knows, once you start one project, it leads into several other projects.  What starts as cleaning the house, turns into a coat of paint here and there, and next thing you know you’re onto shopping.  And, that leads to Blinds To Go (because you can’t paint the trim of the windows a fresh coat of white paint and put back dirty blinds!)The biggest culprits are mini blinds.  After a few times washing them, they never seem to come clean, or go back to the crisp white color that they were when you first purchased them.  When customers come in to replace these blinds, and ask for a better solution, our first suggestion is to go with roller shades.  The benefit of going with a shade would be that instead of cleaning off individual slats, you have one solid piece of material to clean (and easier to maintain than pleated or cellular shades that have more tendency to collect dust) – a simple vacuum brush generally does the trick. And, shades have come a long way.

Not only do they come in a huge variety of different colors (which works well for hiding the dust), but they come in a variety of different patterns as well.  One of the more popular patterns that we have is our Arbor shade – which is in one of the lower price points of roller shades, it has a subtle floral pattern.  It isn’t too much to be over powering, but in an off-white color, the pattern shows up softly when the light shines through.  Floral prints are extremely popular in decorating right now, but it is always hard to find a balance of how much pattern is too much, and this fabric has really found this balance. And, although it is still fabric, it is a stiff material that is easy to wipe off it anything should get on it.

So next time you’re looking for a change of style, taking a look at the Arbor, and the other patterned roller shades would be a good (and easy!) place to start!