By: Karen

I went through a phase about a year ago where I really was in love with the new, clean, modern look.  I redid my entire living room, from top to bottom with this in mind.  I guess it really was a good thing, because the modern feel does not allow for any clutter, so it really forced me to clean and get rid of a lot of unnecessary things I had collected over the years.  But, a year later, I’m kind of bored.  I went with all neutral colors, beige couches, and dark wood furniture, and it’s really not an exciting place to spend time.

I took to Pinterest for some inspiration (I’m pretty sure that’s how I got here in the first place), but I figured someone else might have an idea of how to get me out of this boring space I have created.  And of course, Pinterest didn’t let me down.  It seems like a lot of strong patterns are in style, including chevron prints and paisley.  The one thing that stood out to me though, was how much floral prints were being used to decorate, and how amazing they looked in the pictures! It stood out to me too, that the rooms they looked best in were the rooms that had minimal decorations, and clean lines (maybe everyone else got bored of the modern look too).

So after doing some more searching online, I went shopping.  I have a huge space on my wall over my couch, so I decided to try and find a canvas print that brought in some bold colors to hang.  There were a ton of choices once I started looking, but I decided on a canvas that had a tan background, and geometric shapes that formed a huge flower over the entire canvas.  It had different shades of lime green, sea foam, teal, and yellow on top of the tan.  Once I had hung that up I decided to draw some inspiration from the picture and found some teal side panels to hang up on my windows that are on the wall across from the couch.

After hanging up both the picture and the curtains it looked like a whole new room.  It completely changed the look, really brightened up the room, and made it somewhere that I wanted to hang out again. And it was fixed, an easy, cheap fix too!