By: Karen016_mandlay_bo_moccassin_008

Baseball.  Apple Pie.  Hot Dogs.  All of these things scream, summer in America to me.  And I love them all.  So when it came to redecorating my sun porch this year, it seemed like a logical option to go with an American theme.  I already had a white theme from the previous year, so all I had to do was update it with some red, white, and blue.

I already had white wicker furniture, so I just needed to update the cushions.  I decided to go with a red and white gingham print that really felt summery (it reminded me of picnic blankets).  I actually was just able to purchase fabric from a local store, and reupholster the cushions myself, so I got out of that part fairly inexpensively. I also made some pillows, which were navy blue, with white stars.  I got a couple different fabrics, some with bigger stars, some with smaller stars that I could just use as accent pieces throughout the room.  I also found a rug (which was a little pricier, but I had saved on the upholstery) that was a braided red, white, and navy.  I put that in the middle of the room right under the coffee table (which was surrounded by the other furniture).

The only other things in the room that didn’t match were the blinds. I had bought them about ten years ago, in a pale peach color.  They went with the previous decor, as everything was white, and they didn’t stand out too much, but they wouldn’t work in this room.  Also, being ten years old they had gotten a little worn out.  I decided this time around, that I wanted to stay neutral.  As it is the room in the house I decorate the most often, I didn’t want to commit myself to a bold color that I would be bored of once I decided to redo the room.  Which eliminated red or blue, left me with white.  I decided to go with cellular shades this time, being that the windows do get rather drafty during the cooler months.  I was excited that they had some cellular shades with texture, so I decided on one that had a crinkled design.  The other good thing was that during the summer days when we wanted the windows to be wide open,  the shades closed up completely tight and out of sight.  Now all I have to do is go make some hot dogs, and bake an apple pie!