By: Ali



As much fun as decorating your house can be, it can also be a stressful endeavor. One of the biggest issues faced is budget. We want to bring out the best in our decor, but most of us do not have thousands of dollars lying around to be spent on our window treatments. For those who want a houseful of blinds without breaking the bank, so to speak, Blinds to Go offer several budget friendly options; one such choice is our aluminum line.

Made with either a six gauge or an eight gauge aluminum, these blinds can range from $34 to $84 for the average thirty wide by sixty high window.  With three different lat sizes available, the half, the one inch, and the two, one can create several different effects.

With many different colors available, flat, shiny, metallics, and several patterns and textures, they can fit into any color palette.  One can use bold colors featured in our Softlook 6 line to add a pop of color to an otherwise bland room. On the other hand, we also offer a broad selection of tasteful neutrals and earth tones to add soft accents to add the finishing touch. If you want some texture or pattern, we offer nine stunning choices in our Softlook Designer line. Clean and functional, this product can stand on its own or be used in coordination with a decorative curtain or swag (easily found for reasonable prices at Bed, Bath, and Beyond).

Offering privacy and light control, they are also great in terms of function. As a blind, one can just tilt open the lats to let the sunlight stream in, and just as easily close them to darken the room. If one needs the room to be a little darker than than the average aluminum allows, we can add the intimacy option, eliminating the light from the pin holes. Rust resistance also allows this product to work well in your bathrooms.

Overall, not only are the aluminum blinds budget friendly, they are also a great touch for the decor of your home.