By: Karen

I recently moved into a new house, with a lot of windows. I think there were somewhere around 30 windows throughout the whole house. And, of course, when I moved in there was absolutely nothing in the windows, the previous owners decided not to leave anything behind. Which, I suppose was fine, because I really did not like the look of the printed pleated shades they had in the windows. But it did mean that I was going to have to do some fast shopping unless I wanted the neighbors to know everything I was doing inside the house.

After doing some research online, I found out that cellular shades are the new in thing in window treatments. Of course, I want to be in style, and their claim to fame is insulation, but to be honest, I really did not like the idea that they were either all the way open or all the way shut. (I like the idea of a blind that you can tilt, and still peek out and see what’s going on without being too noticeable). The other new, trendy idea was 2 wood/faux wood blinds. The only problem was, in my mind, those were the outdated blinds my grandparents always had that were bulky, and heavy (apparently they’ve gone out of style and come back in over the last 30 or so years). After doing some measuring too, I realized those were too bulky to install inside my window frames, and would have to be installed as an outside mount , which was not an option in my book.

I suggested in a conversation to some of my friends that I was leaning towards aluminum blinds. All of my friends turned and looked at me like I had suggested the most absurd thing. They started saying, Oh they are noisy, they are boring, they get so dirty, and various other insults. My response was, If I clean them regularly, they won’t get dirty, I wouldn’t have them down if my windows were open, so they wouldn’t be noisy, and since I’m doing curtains on all of the windows anyway, who really cares if they are boring? Much to their dismay, I did end up ordering aluminum blinds for all of my windows.

I settled on a cream color that matched the trim throughout my house, and a month later when I had my friends over for a housewarming party, they were all amazed at how great the blinds actually worked. They really disappear into the windows, match nicely to the rooms, and function just how I want. Sometimes you can’t go wrong with basic!!