By: Ashley H.


Summer time and the living are easy! When summer time hits, we run out to the stores and buy a whole new wardrobe of stylish clothes in bright colors and designs. But did we ever sit back and wonder how our windows feel? Of course not! When summer time comes along, the only thing on our minds is hitting the beach, flip-flops, and bright colors. Listen everyone, your windows have feelings too and they want to tell you that they would like a new wardrobe, or outfit for that matter! Use the summer months as a reason to through out those old window treatments and slide something new, bright and colorful to your windows and sliding glass doors.

The key to giving your windows/doors a summer makeover is not just a light overall look; add some color to the mix. Take sliding glass doors for instance; it doesn’t matter that your only option is vertical blinds. If you are doing vinyl verticals, buy patterns that speak to your summer soul and look for colors that are bold. Take our Coventry design. They have a beach appeal and will look great on doors that lead out to a deck or terrace. They come in colors like oyster, white, and blue; makes you think ocean life. If you want to stray away from patterns, go towards Adobe. They have a subtle pattern, but come in bold colors like ocean, sunset, and clay. If fabric verticals are more your thing then go with a material that resembles woven wood. These will give you a swirl of color and will match any decor.

Hold on! We are not done yet! Those windows of ours have to be given a new look also. Roller shades believe it or not are coming back in style. They offer the convenience of a light and soft option with colors like lilac, metro gray, and cream. If you are looking for insulation, cellular shades come in a surplus of colors that will add excitement to any window. Some people may not want the fabric look, but that is okay. A traditional faux wood or real wood blind will offer a great summer look no matter what color variation your choose. They key to these types of makeovers is colors so the bolder the better. So when you are out at your local window treatment store instead of flocking to those boring white or off-white products, think colors such as bold splashes colors.