Spring is officially here and with spring brings the bright bold colors of flowers, fresh grass, and blue skies. Which also makes it the perfect time of year to bring some of those bold colors inside. Unfortunately, bringing a bold shade of fuchsia or an electric lime to your home decor can sound easier said that done. The key thing to keep in mind when bringing this pop of color into your room is that it should be just that; a pop. To help you not go overboard, we have put together a list of ideas; some bolder than others to bring the bright colors inside your home.

  • Front door. Depending on the decor in your living room or foyer (they generally tend to err on the side of neutral tones), adding a splash of color to your front door can be a fun way to brighten up the space it’s a big enough space to make a statement, but it’s small enough that it can handle a bright pink or bold teal.
  • Nightstands are a great piece of furniture to use to bring in some color. For starters, they are usually the smallest (so easiest and least expensive) piece of furniture to switch out in your bedroom, and they are available in a variety of bold colors. Or, if you’re not loving your current night stands, make it a DIY project and refinish them to your color of choice! This same theory/process can be used in the living room with your end tables as well.
  • Inside of a bookshelf. This one seems a little outside of the box, but have a boring white bookshelf in your office? Take out all the books and repaint the back panel with a bright shade of yellow; it instantly adds color but as soon as you add your books back on the shelf it gives you a little subtler of a look!
  • Add an area rug. There are few rooms that can’t handle the addition of an area rug. Even the kitchen or bathroom can use smaller rugs and can instantly be transformed with a bright bold color , even pattern!
  • Accent chair. Clearly, named “accent” chairs for a reason, this is a great way to bring in a bold color to many rooms in your home. Add a chair in your living room, bedroom, or even a corner in your dining room. Decide on the space if you want to find something just decorative or if you would want it to be functional as well and make a statement.

The best part about all these ideas is that, as easily as you make the transformation, you can take it back. You always want to keep in mind when decorating that less really is more, and not to paint/change anything that you could see yourself wanting to undo in the next two years. Happy Spring!